Flat Iron Townhomes

Flat Iron Townhomes

Completed: 1997
15 homes
Serving 99 people
Project Team: Strout Architects, RAM Construction

In 1992, David and Jane Love donated an acre of land to the Community Housing Trust at the base of Snow King. The Loves believed “people are integral to Jackson’s beauty: people who are committed to our community and work to enrich Jackson Hole through the services they provide.” With the gift of land and support from many generous donors, 15 affordable townhomes have provided stable and secure housing for our local workforce for over 25 years.

“I feel a strong pull to do more for the community since becoming a homeowner. The sense of security I have now has made it easier to volunteer because I don’t have to worry about an unstable living situation anymore.” 

– Jamie, nurse and JHCHT homeowner

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