“Building affordable housing is a complex, multi-variable process. We support the Opportunity Fund at the Community Housing Trust because it is the essential first step in the development of our community’s next affordable neighborhood.”

Lannie and Bill Hoglund

Board member and donors

Help support the Community Housing Trust's affordable housing projects in our community

Our values

We bring resources, people, and community together 


A single organization acting independently cannot address all of the housing issues facing our community. To be successful, we must leverage the strengths and resources of the public and private sectors.


The Community Housing Trust uses a ground lease agreement to ensure political and financial investments in housing are preserved in perpetuity. In the case of affordable ownership housing, the ground lease limits the appreciated value of the home. The lease enables the Community Housing Trust to protect the affordability of the home for future buyers, while still allowing the homeowner to build equity as the home appreciates.


In the face of rapidly rising land costs and the cost to construct, the Community Housing Trust has remained resolute in our search for a more sustainable approach to housing. We are confident we can develop affordable housing with less overhead and lower subsidies if we are willing to invest in new ideas.

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